Top Ten Hallmark Holiday Clichés

This week on Broke and the Bookish it’s a movie freebie, and what better topic than my beloved Hallmark movies! Recent events have certainly left many of us feeling anxious for what’s to come, but thankfully Hallmark has us covered – no matter what time of day, there’s a sappy, heart-felt holiday love story ready to comfort us.

Of course, anyone who loves Hallmark knows they don’t stray too far from classic clichés, but you can’t help but love them all the same. Queue the Folgers close-up!


A Princess for Christmas

All little girls want to be a princess, but in A Royal Christmas, starring Lacey Chabert (better known for Mean Girls), the main character would rather be herself than fit a fake role.


The Undercover Romance

Snow Bride features a gossip reporter falling in with a rich family – who just happens to be her target. Will she print the story or fall for the handsome stranger?


Hiring a Stand-In Boyfriend

A Holiday Engagement is one of my old favorites – and it’s actually a Thanksgiving Day movie! When her fiancé bails on her, a woman hires an actor to take his place. Lucky for her, the fake’s better than the original!


The Rich Guy vs. The Right Guy

A Very Merry Mix-Up is pretty original as Hallmark goes, taking the classic cliché of choosing Mr. Rich or Mr. Right to new heights. On the way to meet her fiancé’s family, a woman loses the address and goes to the wrong house (or is the right house?).


Engaged for the Holiday

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a mother (or grandma) in possession of a handsome son, must want to find him a wife. Leaning on the classic tradition of bringing home a date, Hitched for the Holidays is absolutely adorable.


Save the Town!

In Christmas Incorporated a newly hired assistant must convince her boss to keep a factory running, or else the town is ruined! But of course the main character is quick-witted and quirky, a perfect match for her smooth, motor cycle riding boss.


The Bet

There’s always some kind of bet going. In A Bride for Christmas, the main character’s friends bet him he can’t find a fiancé by Christmas, meanwhile setting him up with a girl who’s chewed threw a slew of fiancés already. Starring Arielle Kebbel from John Tucker Must Die, this is one of my recent favorites.



One of my all-time favorites, and available on Netflix, The Christmas Card brings a troubled soldier to his destiny. Trouble is she’s about to marry someone else!


Small Town vs. Big City

In Just in Time for Christmas, with supporting cast William Shatner AND Christopher Lloyd, a young professor has just been offered her dream job at Yale University AND her boyfriend just proposed! But as great as it sounds, she’s forced to make a choice between her small west coast town, with the love of her life, or life alone pursuing her dreams.


Every Girl Wants a Cowboy

In One Starry Christmas a young astronomer takes a bus to New York to surprise her boyfriend for Christmas, meeting a handsome cowboy along the way. But, when the bus breaks down, he can’t help but sweep her off her feet.

What are your favorite Hallmark movies?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Hallmark Holiday Clichés

  1. Love it! I review Hallmark/other TV or straight to DVD movies around Christmas (one a day from yesterday until 6th January!) and these tropes come up alll the time. Lots of winter weddings as well, which must be super stressful with planning Christmas *as well*…

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