Weekly Reads: Week 38

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It’s been a busy week! I only made it through one audiobook this week, and not quite a full novel – I’ve been reading A Gentleman in Moscow for ages now, but there’s so much to note/google! It’s an amazing novel, but definitely not a quick read. I’ve been putting off my post in hopes I would finish in time, but alas, there’s simply too much to love, there’s absolutely no rushing this one. Hopefully I’ll get my copy in the mail soon so I can finish – I only have 10 hours left with my library copy!


Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

The starting novel of the Gold Seer trilogy, Walk on Earth a Stranger follows the harrowing journey of Lee Westfall. Following the death of her family, Lee struggles with the decision to claim her family land as her own, knowing her uncle would certainly have something to say on the matter, or leave for better riches in golden California, but the decision is not an easy one. To stay would mean certain danger, but to leave would risk exposure of her gift: just as a bee with honey, Lee can sense the presence of gold, no matter how small the nugget. With her parents’ murder behind her, she sets her sights on the California Gold Rush in hopes of a better life, but she’ll have to survive the journey first.

“Men can be relentless,” she agrees, “when they think a woman belongs to them.”

While not the most prosaic writing, Walk on Earth a Stranger was the perfect western adventure for a busy work week – I listened to the audio version, and it was definitely the right choice! With a strong southern accent and a determined voice, the narrator, Erin Mallon, brings the story to life as Lee faces the worst of life’s turns. Though not shy of hard work, Lee must abandon every ounce of femininity she has in order to make the journey as a man, an added measure of protection. Though, she often makes mistakes, adding a sense of reality in her magical tale. It was truly refreshing to find a fantasy novel that strays from the typical queen in peril or princess in hiding tale we read (and love) time and time again. The added historical element makes for a wonderful adventure – I can’t wait to see what California has in store for her in the next installment!

Rating: 4 Stars          Goodreads

 What have you read lately?


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