Film Adaptations: Winter 2017

Get your TBR ready! This winter we’ll see an amazing influx of film adaptations, from enchanting tales of man’s best friend to rallying underdogs to epic missions of faith, there’s a movie for all readers this season. Below are my most anticipated adaptations for the winter months – the one’s you’ll most definitely find me reading in anticipation!



A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness: Dec. 23rd

In the dark of the night, seven minutes past midnight, Connor O’Malley’s nightmares are brought to life, calling his name in the form of a mysterious Yew tree. With his father living with a new family in America, a pesky grandmother who doesn’t understand, a bully who won’t back down, and his mom undergoing another round of cancer treatment, it’s no wonder Connor suffers from such vivid nightmares, but what about the berries left on the floors? The root growing from under the floor boards? The monster must be real, but why is he there? Can he really help Connor face his fears before it’s too late? A heartbreaking tale of a young boy struggling to understand his changing world – this is not one to miss! Just be sure to bring enough tissues!!


Silence by Shusaku Endo: Dec. 23rd

Following the mission of Father Rodrigues, a devout Portuguese Jesuit priest, as he sets sail for Japan, the young priest hopes to aid the oppressed Japanese Christians, but finds his mission impossible as rumors that his teacher Ferreira has renounced his faith are proven true. Faced with the piercing realities of religious persecution, Rodrigues is forced to make the impossible choice between abandoning his flock or his faith. Starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, AND Adam Driver, I can’t wait to see this one!


Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly: Dec. 25th

Set in the middle of the Jim Crow South and the civil rights movement, Hidden Figures tells the never-before-told story of the African American female mathematicians who played a pivotal role in the American space program. One of the most popular book club reads around, I’m very excited to see their story take the big screen.



A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket: Jan. 13th

A new Netflix original series – I’m absolutely LOVING rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events! Following the three Baudelaire children after their parents’ tragic death in a fire, the children are passed from relative to relative, all the while chased for their fortune by the evil Count Olaf – played by none other, Neil Patrick Harris!!


A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron: Jan. 27th

Another tear jerker, A Dog’s Purpose follows the remarkable story of one dog’s search for purpose during his various lives, ultimately finding himself born again in the arms of his original owner, thirty years later. A true story of love and friendship.



Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach: Feb. 24th

Tulip Fever has been on my TBR for a while now, a beautiful tale of art, love, and deceit, set in the colorful world of 17th century Amsterdam. Starring Alicia Vikander as the wealthy merchant’s wife, it’s no wonder the artist hired to paint her likeness falls for her entirely.

What will you be seeing this winter?


2 thoughts on “Film Adaptations: Winter 2017

  1. Alison's Wonderland Recipes says:

    I’m excited for the Series of Unfortunate Events show too! I reread the series this year to prepare for a menu I did for it back in April, and the books were just as good as I remember!

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