Links To Love

It’s finally Friday!! After another long weekend, it’ll be nice to have a couple days to  finish off our packing and moving check list. There’s so much left to do!!

July has been incredibly fun and stressful at the same time, meaning more reading, more reality TV, and even more late-night YouTube viewing.

Here’s what I’ve been loving this month:

The Bachelorette is Ending!

With the end of the Bachelorette comes the “Tell All” episode – not always my favorite, but man, so much drama this season! I was so excited to see one of my old favorites, Wells, join the Here to Make Friends podcast to give the inside scoop on everything that happened behind the scenes in the mansion. Who else is Team Robby!?

What an Awesome Idea!

A loving husband posted an album of his wife’s handiwork on Reddit this month – showing off her amazing Book Stairs!! While she didn’t start the trend, her new “shelf” is right on point with many beloved fantasy novels.

New Obsession:

I am in love with Aloe Juice! It’s amazing and delicious, and seriously my new favorite trend. Especially with all the health benefits, you’d be crazy not to try it! I love Aloe King’s mango flavor!

New Recipes:

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for fall! Summer is nice and all, but I’m ready for some cozy-weather comfort food. This month I’ve been making Chicken and Rice soup and a copy-cat recipe for Boston Market’s Squash Casserole. Yum!!

On the YouTube:

I absolutely LOVE Houston based beauty vlogger, Leighann Says. Her style is similar to my own and she’ll never lead you astray with her recommendations or reviews. Her new look is one of my new favorites, and using almost ALL Wet N’ Wild!

What have you been loving lately?


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