RIP: Retired Podcasts I Still Love

With so many podcasts saved to my favorites, there’s bound to be a few that have closed up shop, no longer posting new episodes and forever retired. Some are undoubtedly serial with a limited number episodes available to them and so retirement is inevitable, but for others, the hosts have moved on or the show has been cancelled. No matter the reason, I will always miss them in my feed and go back to old episodes.

The Born Yesterday Podcast by Joey Brunelle

I was totally ecstatic the day I discovered The Born Yesterday podcast. Finally, a history podcast that’s beautifully produced with a compelling host and unique topics rarely discussed elsewhere. I especially love his two-part series on the Aztecs, covering both their rise and fall. While The Born Yesterday is forever retired, you can still check out Brunelle’s latest project, The Context – covering current events and discussing immediate cause and effect, historical origins, and the implications for a wide range of topics.

Why Oh Why? by Andrea Silenzi

Why Oh Why? first appeared while I was single and new to Houston, the perfect time to listen to a new take on dating. With her microphone in hand, Andrea Silenzi went where few of us have gone, from interviewing her coupled friends to analyzing the psyche of emotional unavailable men to going on a first date, live on the air! I was instantly hooked, and then, she went on a date with Randy. Ooooh Randy. He’s a pig, he says all the wrong things, and just when you think he’s crossed the line, he finds a new way to leap across it and insult you again. And I couldn’t get enough. His stories will make you livid, and have you laughing out loud. There is a twist to his story in the end, I should have seen it coming, but I’ll let you find out for yourself. Of all my retired podcasts, this is by far my favorite!

Mystery Show by Starlee Kine

A mysterious lunch box scene, a disappeared video store, to an intriguing license plate, if you’ve got a mystery, Starlee Kine is there to solve it! Her radio voice is just spot on, and she has that beloved quality of getting anyone to talk, because she really is interested in what you have to say. I especially loved her episode on her friend who really wanted to know if she was friends with Aaron Carter…or is she really a groupie? Turns out it’s a little bit of both but you’ll love the journey she takes to solve her friend’s dilemma. There’s supposed to be a second season, but it’s been a mysterious amount of time since it was announced…..I’m still hoping!

Literary Punk by Helen Milte

The Literary Punk is no longer active, but their backlog of episodes is sure to please fans of classic literature. As the name suggests, Milte and guests discuss a work of literature, digging into its inherent punkness and the themes that make it not just a classic, but badass. My favorite is their discussion on Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

Pop Stuff! by How Stuff Works

If you’re a fan of Stuff You Missed in History Class, you’ll know current hosts Tracy and Holly got their start in podcasting on Pop Stuff! From cooking shows to weddings to Harry Potter – they talk about it all. Check out their episode on manic pixie dream girls!

What retired podcasts do you miss? Do you re-listen to favorite episodes?


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