Home Away From Home: Office Essentials For a Cozy Workday

This month my entire office has shifted, everyone changing offices and file rooms and phone numbers – it’s been hectic to say the least. But, I finally got my own office! I’m still trying to find the time to unpack all our files and reorganize everything, but now I finally have the space to stretch it all out. To make my office a little more inviting and a little more comfortable, I’ve realized there are a few essentials I would need to bring with me:

  • Air Freshener

    I found a great Potpourri mix at Ikea recently, and it adds a bit of color as it freshens the room. I’ve gotten so many compliments! And it was so easy to put together!


  • Sticky Notes – Notebook

    You can’t go wrong with a few more sticky notes or a new notebook. The day I run out of notes is the day I’ll get nothing done – I couldn’t do my job without them!

  • Personal Calendar

    Right now, I have a freebie calendar from Half Priced Books hanging in my office – it may have been a freebie, but it is awesome! Every month highlights a different city and books that explore that city and it’s culture. It’s the perfect touch to make it feel more homey.

  • Blanket and Pillow

    My office is absolutely FREEZING, all day, everyday. I found a simple grey blanket and cute pillow to match at Ikea. It’s all about comfort, and that means staying warm and back support for those long days in front of the screen.


  • Headphones

    My days would be sooo long if I couldn’t listen to my headphones. From audiobooks, to podcasts, to Spotify…my playlists are full and ready for my workdays. I have a pair of Bluedio HT Turbine wireless headphones, and they are AMAZING! They connect via Bluetooth so I can get up and walk to the printer or file room without missing a word.

  • Dusting Cloths

  • Phone Charger

  • Snacks and Selection of Teas

    I’m trying to replace my afternoon coffee with a cup of tea. Right now, I’m loving my groceries version of a Pomegranate Green Tea. Yum!

    I also picked up a simple, $2 mug from Target for the office. It adds a pop of color and it’s less wasteful.

  • Personal Products

    I’m always fully stocked with lotions, my Eos lip chap, hand sanitizer, feminine products, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, hairspray (for unexpected static cling), bobby pins, and a sewing kit (you never know when you’ll lose a button or need a safety pin). That way I’m prepared for whatever the emergency might be – or for that after work dental exam.

How do you stay sane during the work day? Any tips?


4 thoughts on “Home Away From Home: Office Essentials For a Cozy Workday

  1. Sally Allen says:

    This is a pretty awesome list – very comprehensive! When I worked in an office, I always left an extra charger for my Nook there, just in case. 🙂

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  2. rhoffnagle says:

    I’ll add a phone charger! For some reason I always charge my phone at work so it’s ready to go that evening. Also, that calendar sounds amazing! I want one : )

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