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April showers bring May flowers – or at least, here’s hoping! April is finally coming to a close, and I have to say, about time. This month has been dragging too long, and bringing a little too much chaos in its wake. Thank goodness for entertaining posts and delicious recipes to carry us through it all. 🙂

The Perfect Dress For Spring

It’s been a while since I’ve busted out my sewing machine, but this pattern, by Merrick’s Art, is too cute to pass up! I love the lemon print she chose, but you can just as easily skip the hand painting for a floral design.

Why Do Cats Love Bookstores?

This delightful ode to bookstore cats really made my day! The article was posted by one of my new favorites, Literary Hub – a great source for literary culture, news and “richness of contemporary literary life”. Sold!

A Little Free Library

Did you know this existed? I know I’m pretty late to the game, but it was so exciting to discover multiple Little Free Libraries in my own neighborhood! Making a stressful day so, so much better.

Blueberry Margaritas

It’s getting hot here in Texas, and there’s nothing better than an ice cold cocktail to cool you down – especially if it’s a margarita! I found this recipe on Pinterest, but being a lazy bartender, there’s always an easier way: replace the water/lime juice combo for 1 cup Simply Limeade and the blueberry simple syrup/blueberries for 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, 2 tbs water, 1 tbs sugar (blend mixture), add your favorite tequila and orange liquor, ice, and shake!

Broccoli Cheese Chowder

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a little obsessed with broccoli cheese soup. I’m always looking for a new recipe or a new twist, and this time, I finally hit jack pot. I’ve tried out several chowder recipes over the years, but this one definitely turned out the best! And it has plenty of cheese to cure your rainy day blues. 🙂

Stuff You Missed in History Class

My favorite podcast, Stuff You Missed in History Class, put out some great episodes this month! Check out their shows on the history of pizza and white weddings.


This week I rashly decided to shorten my long locks in prep for summer. Plus, I was getting a little too lazy to keep up with it. So, what to do when you need some style advice? Youtube, of course! Looking for some styling videos I stumbled upon this one by Dominique Sanchse, a Houston news anchor. I had no idea she was a Youtuber!

What were your favorite finds in April?


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