Bookish Podcasts: Part 2

In continuation of last week’s post, here are 5 more bookish podcasts for your enjoyment. I had originally planned on listing about 7 in total, but then I remembered just how many bookish podcasts I actually listen to….and then I found a few more.

I love each and everyone of these podcasts, neither Part 1 or Part 2 are listed in any kind of order (please don’t make me choose a favorite!).

6. Literary Punk by Helen Milte

The Literary Punk podcast is no longer updating, but their backlog of episodes are sure to please fans of classic literature. Even contemporary fans will love this podcast as the host, Helen Milte, exposes the underlying punkness of each novel they discuss. My favorite episode is her discussion on Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

7. The Idle Book Club by Chris and Sarah

Another podcast of a couple of friends just talking about books. I need to read more of their book choices before I can listen to more, but their discussion on The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is very insightful – reaching far beyond a comparison between the latest film version staring Leonardo Dicaprio (but they still talk about that too!).

 8. The History of Literature by Jack Wilson

If you’re looking for something a little deeper or more profound, or just a fan of classical (think Greek Tragedy) or cultural texts, this is the podcast for you. In his array of topics, Wilson travels back to examine literary devices through history and their effect on the world. “How did literature develop? What forms has it taken? And what can we learn from engaging with these works today?” From epic poetry to contemporary novels, he covers it all. Check out his episode on the best debut novels throughout history.

9. Book Riot Podcast, Get Booked, All the Books

Most everyone these days is familiar with Book Riot. They put out three podcasts that pretty much all cover new releases and feature weekly reviews and reading recommendations. If you’re looking to grow your TBR list, this is another great place look.

10. Book Review by The New York Times

Sometimes a little pretentious, but being honest, I always find myself going to the New York Times for their book reviews. Even if I don’t agree on their review or rating of a novel, they always have some critique or commentary on a theme that makes me a better reader for reading their review, and the same can be said for their podcast. My favorite episode is their episode on reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, they even have Rosamund Pike on the episode!

Honorable Mentions:

There are seriously WAY too many bookish podcasts to go on and on about, so I’ll just list the rest of them here. Most of the remaining podcasts are ones that I’ve recently discovered and haven’t really given a good listen to yet.

What podcasts do you listen to? Do you have any bookish podcasts to add?


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