Links To Love

Happy Friday! Today’s post will be short and sweet – just a few links that I’ve really enjoyed the past month. I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

The 7 Minute Rule

This post blew up, and for good reason. Anne, from Modern Mrs. Darcy, always has a poignant way of getting to the issue and this time, it’s cell phones. Based on her reading of Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age (which I now need to read!), she perfectly describes the situation: you’re bored in a conversation or there’s a lull and you just can’t come up with the words for a new topic, so what do you do? You bring out the phone. It’s a crutch, but follow the 7 minute rule, and you’re sure to overcome!

How to Network When You’re Introverted

A short guide by The Every Girl blog on improving your networking skills when socializing isn’t quite your forte. Being introverted makes social situations incredibly exhausting, but their short guide simple and practicable from using your listening skills to how to cut into a conversation, these are tips everyone could use!

Butter Dip Biscuits

These are delicious! And perfect for Biscuits and Gravy without all the hard work! The recipe calls for buttermilk, but I used our regular 2% and they turned out just as good. They’d also be great with the next recipe I found.

Leftover Ham & Potato Soup

We had TONS of leftover ham from Easter. This recipe by no means used up the last of it, but it came pretty close. Not to mention, it’s delicious! The recipe calls for only 1 cup of cheese at the end, but we like our soups a little cheesier so somehow, the whole 8 oz bag made its way into the pot. Yum!

Strawberry Pudding Cheesecake Cookies

Of course, no holiday is complete until cookies are made. This recipe is time consuming since the “cheesecake” needs to firm up in the freezer, but these were the first cookies to go at the family get-together. Definitely worth the extra time! I do suggest letting the dough chill for 10 to 20 minutes though, it’s much easier to work with that way.

Organize Your Recipes

I’ve been working on collating all of my recipes, mostly from Pinterest and Gawker, and I finally found the perfect (and affordable) binder to keep them in. At Hallmark of all places! They have several designs to choose from and include everything you’ll need, recipe cards and all. Project complete!

What are you loving lately?


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