Visual Aids: A Guide to Helpful Cookbooks

I’m quite the newbie when it comes to graphic novels, so you can imagine my struggle when this week’s topic was chosen, but after mulling it over I realized, what’s more visual than a cookbook!? From full-page photographs to detailed diagrams, there’s not a single cookbook that doesn’t have at least one visual aid. So, for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by Broke and the Bookish), I decided to share my favorite books on almost everyone’s favorite topic: food!

But first, do you have a graphic novel you’d recommend reading? I can’t wait to see everyone’s TTT this week – my TBR needs help!

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Food Anatomy: The Curious Pars & Pieces of Our Edible World by Julia Rothman: A beautifully illustrated fact book on the history of food and the different types of food we eat. From the various ways of cooking an egg to the different types of cabbage… her book is as gorgeous as it is informative!

Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain: In his latest cookbook, Bourdain shares his favorite recipes to make for the family. Between lengthy discussions on the ins-and-outs on burger making and whether or not you should use a fork to make scrambled eggs, there’s an amazing how-to on Thanksgiving, complete with photographs and step-by-step instructions from pre-cooking to scheduling to gravy to presentation… he has it all!

The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook by Natalie Eve Garrett: An illustrated collection of personal, food related stories, illustrations, poems, cartoons and more from favorite artists and writers around the globe. This was such a treat to read!

Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten: Ina Garten is one of my favorites, and even though I rarely cook one of her recipes, her cookbooks are a wealth of knowledge. In her latest, Garten shares her favorite meals to make for her family along with an intimate look at their relationship – they have such an adorable meet-cute!

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One to Five: One Shortcut Recipe Transformed into Five Easy Dishes by Ryan Scott: A great guide to mastering one simple recipe, like roasted chicken, and turning it into five different meals. From Chicken-and-Cornbread Tamale Pie to Lesley’s Biscuit Chicken Turnovers, his recipes will leave you hungry for more!

Cooking with Mary Berry by Mary Berry: If you consider yourself a novice or intermediate cook, then this is the book for you. Complete with full-color photographs and step-by-step how-tos from egg basics to different techniques for cooking meat, her book makes it easy-peasy to learn and put new skill into practice. Oh, and the desserts!

Cake Magic!: Mix and Match Your Way to 100 Amazing Combinations by Caroline Wright: Speaking of dessert, my list wouldn’t be complete without a book on cake! Cake Magic is your complete guide to the art of cake, from simple layers to rich fillings to sweet frostings, you’ll see just how easy it is to pair up and switch up your layers.

Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge by Trine Hahnemann: Hygge is more than just a word or a feeling, it’s a complete lifestyle, making comfort a priority in your everyday life be it by lighting a candle or preparing a traditional home cooked meal. Scandinavian Comfort Food is more than a study on traditional Scandinavian recipes – it’s a collection of the author’s favorite recipes, passed down from one generation to the next, emoting a feeling of family and comfort.

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Cook’s Science: How to Unlock Flavor in 50 of Our Favorite Ingredients by The Editors at Cook’s Illustrated: From pork shoulder to whole chickens to quinoa, this book covers it all! Each chapter highlights a specific ingredient, revealing the science behind popular cooking techniques as well as tips to unlock even more flavor – complete with diagrams and full-color photographs.

The Tea Book: All Things Tea by Louise Cheadle: If you’ve ever wondered who drinks the most tea or about all the different types of tea, or even the different ways to make tea, this is the book for you. Complete with full-page infographics, illustrations, maps, tealicious photographs, recipes, and travel guides, The Tea Book covers it all!

What are your favorite cookbooks? Do you have a graphic novel to recommend!?



14 thoughts on “Visual Aids: A Guide to Helpful Cookbooks

  1. What a great idea for this list! I don’t have a very good cookbook collection… mainly because I don’t tend to cook all that much! But I am trying to learn 🙂 I read my first ever graphic novel in January – Persepolis – and highly, highly recommend it! I think it was a great one to start with!


  2. Alison's Wonderland Recipes says:

    What a great interpretation of the prompt. Makes me miss doing TTT this month (took Feb off to have a baby). So want to buy that tea cookbook!


  3. I’m totally keeping an eye out for that Tea Book! As well as the book by Mary Berry and the book on Scandinavian comfort food (not sure I’d appreciate Scandinavian comfort food, but I can appreciate the idea of Hygge!)

    Liked by 1 person

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