Links to Love

Seriously, where is the time going? I can’t believe the year is almost over!

That said, it’s been quite a month. From spooky reads to watching Stranger Things… it’s been a Halloweentastic month! This weekend we’ll be carving pumpkins and hopefully find a new show; although, I doubt we’ll find anything nearly as good. Any suggestions?

Hoosier Love

I miss Indiana dearly, especially around this time of year – if you’re looking for fall foliage there’s no better place. So, I couldn’t be more estactic to see my old campus voted the second most beautiful college campus in America! Go IU!

**Walking the campus, you might suddenly wonder if you stumbled into Hogwarts.**

Gilmore Girls!!!

They’re back!! And you can FINALLY watch the trailer!!!

Is Netflix going to get a little Stranger??

We just finished watching Season 1 of Stranger Things…and OMG. So many questions! What do you think happened to El?

All Those Leftovers…

This month I’ve been experimenting with different recipes, trying to figure out how to use all our leftover chicken – there are so many options! My current favorites are Cornbread Chicken Casserole (like a pot pie) and Sriracha Chicken Quesadillas.

What have you been loving lately?


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